About Us

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Stomarix Ltd. was born from the desire to offer the patient “everything”, meaning as many services in one place as possible, without the need to be transferred in different places to obtain one result (ex.: x-ray or surgery). Our clinic is described as a colorful place, elegantly arranged that will make you forget all about the dentist-“fright” and is divided as follows: 2 dental clinics that offer complete services, both classical and advanced, such as surgery or orthodontics, prevention for children and adults, implantology one radiology cabinet (for unidental and panoramic x-rays) serving our office as well as the others in the area.

The moment you decide to cross our threshold, we believe you made the best choice for yourself, the rest will be our duty and rest assured you will be satisfied by the end of the treatment. Our patients are between the ages of 2,5 and 91 years old and the range of services as well as the costs are managed to be accessible to most of you.

The clinic is run by Dr. Maria Rus Ceuca – dental specialist.

“I took my training in the healthcare system step by step, actually starting in my high school years, by choosing to follow the Health High school in Bistrita. After that I continued my studies in Cluj-Napoca’s medical university “UMF Iuliu Hatieganu” and graduated from 3 branches: Dental Technology, College Of Medical Imaging And Radiology, and Dentistry. I tried to combine all the 3 branches within my clinic and I am very proud of my choice of studies. My colleagues and staff also prove complexe professional training.” Last but not least of our objectives, we want to remind you that respect, trust, quality and professionalism towards the patient are a constant in our office.

See you here!